Helen Agnes D came to songwriting early – aged six in fact – and by her mid-teens she was already an experienced performer of her own material. Ever since then she has been distilling her life experience into finely-crafted songs.

Helen put her career as a performer on hold while raising her family, but in the past few years she’s been putting that to rights by writing and recording a growing collection of new material which has been described as ‘a songbook of the human heart.’

The album The Avenue will be released early 2023


I STILL BELIEVE  by Irish singer-songwriter Helen Agnes D is a magical song that incorporates all that is best in at Christmas time. Recorded at Dublin’s Egoboo Studios and produced by Greg Malocca, it features an inspired  piano arrangement Grammy-nominated and Juno Award-winning producer Roger Ryan in Nashville and a fine collection of musicians. Enjoy the full sound of live strings and beautiful backing vocals.

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6 thoughts on “

  1. I have just been listening to your songs and well done with Fools Gold. Brilliant well done.

  2. Beautiful song Helen and lovely video. Well done and a great cause too xx looking forward to listening to all on the CD too. Thank you very much, Aoife from Galway 😉🥰😘🎄❤🥰

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Wording of Christmas Tears very touching. Literally brought a tears to my eyes!

  4. Hi Helen…I’ll pick it up,no need to post. Regards.

  5. Beautiful lyrics, music and accompanying video. I shed a tear when I first heard it and will shed a few more when I play it at Christmas! So apt for 2020 .

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